Psalm 111

My heart is full of awe and praise for how much — how infinitely much — our Father loves us!  Three families gathered ’round the table and we each have a story of how God has guided and provided.  Even the table itself is a testament to God’s provision.  He opens doors and closes them according to His will.  All we have to do is trust Him and follow in obedience.  He knows what we need long before we even know it ourselves.  What once seemed like a job cruelly taken away is now clearly a blessing in hindsight.  Stick with God because He takes good care of His people.  When you seek God’s Kingdom first, you can be sure all your needs will be met.  In God’s Kingdom Family there’s plenty of love, plenty of food to go around.  You don’t think that the One who was so generous that He gave His own life for our sins would be stingy with the little things, do you?!  No, God shows His love for His people in big ways and small.  Gather ’round the table with your brothers and sisters and thank God for all His blessings!


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