Psalm 112

When you’re confident of your place at God’s table, there’s no need to heard what you have.  When you’re an obedient child of God, you can be confident that you will be taken care of.  Even in dark times God’s children can see His light.  They know how to look for and deliver His grace, mercy, and justice.  God’s children know how much they have been given and so they can freely give to others.  They seek God first so they don’t wander aimlessly.  They live honest lives so they’re not bothered by slander and gossip — God knows their hearts, it doesn’t matter what people think.  God’s children know that “stuff” on earth is temporary — it doesn’t matter in the long run — so it’s easy to give it away.  They are generous with their time, money, and lives so that others can see what really matters.  Only people last for eternity so God’s children invest in people.


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