Psalm 113

Praise Praise Praise!
Shout praises to the King!
If you know God, really know Him, you can’t help but praise Him.
Servants of the King, praise Him with your words, thoughts, and deeds.
Did you think of God today?
That’s praise!
Did you thank Him?
Holla!  Praise!
Did you pass on something He’s given or taught you?
Praise, praise, and more praise!
God is aMAZing!  There’s nothing that can compare with Him
Nothing and no one else is so majestic yet intimate, so vastly full of love.
No one loves the poor like God.
No one stands up for the interests of the downtrodden like a servant of God.
Chin up if things are hard for you now!
God has a place of honor for you at His table.
Praise the One who loves us no matter what!


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