Psalm 114

With God, all things are possible!
In my life I’ve seen miraculous provision, impossible hearts turned, broken bodies healed, and my own character changed in ways inexplicable.  My God is so reliable — my miracle provider — I’m hardly surprised when a van is given to us.  But I’m always thankful!  So, so thankful!

Brothers, don’t look so shocked when God heals a broken bone overnight!  We serve a mighty God!  Sisters, don’t be so surprised when your bully gives his life to Christ!  We serve a God of power.

It is because of my confidence in Your mightiness, God — my assurance in Your ability to make people whole — that I come to You again to ask that You heal my brother.  Cast out the demons that confuse his mind, tear out the darkness that shrouds his heart.  Let him hear Your voice again.  Let him feel Your joy and be moved by Your Spirit.  Only You can save him, Father.   We’re counting on You!


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