Psalm 115

Father, we ask You for a lot of things out of selfishness and greed and pride, but as we are maturing, as we begin to know You better, we are learning to ask things, not for our own benefit, but for Yours.  Father, we ask You now, not for our sake, but for the advancement of Your Kingdom to show Your glory!  On account of Your merciful love we ask You to provide for our friend.  On account of Your faithful ways, we ask You to heal her broken heart.  We ask You to do this because people are asking, “Why would her God let this happen to her?  Where is her God now?”  Reveal Your glory, Father of the orphans and the widows.  Let all who hear her story praise Your name.

God our Father is with us and He holds all things in His control.  We don’t always understand why or what He is doing, but we can be assured He has not forgotten us.

So many people worship ideas and things made by people.  Money can’t hear their prayers.  Their philosophies can’t meet their needs.  Arts and media can’t satisfy their souls, and eco-altruism cannot be their salvation.

But you, children of God, you serve a living God who knows and cares for you intimately.  Trust Him!  Trust your helper!  Submit to your King!

Father in Heaven, look down and see Your children being swallowed up by grief.  Bless those who fear You.  Bless those who trust You.  Expand Your kingdom family on earth, generous Father.  Children of God, He is King over all but He has put us in charge of the earth.  Don’t turn a blind eye to the needs around you.  It is your responsibility to take care of your sister.

Father, we want our brother back.  What praises it would evoke from all who know of him!  But we Your people will praise You no matter what.
Praise the King of Heaven!


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