Psalm 116

O God, my God, how do I love You?
Let me count the ways…

I love You because You hear me when I cry out to You.  You listen and respond in ways that soothe my soul.  You have never given me over to despair; when it seemed that all was lost, You held me up and kept me from drowning.  You keep me anchored to the cross of Your son.  When temptation tries to drag me under and my sins threaten to overwhelm me, You extend Your hand of grace; You shepherd me back to the narrow road that leads to You and Your kindness and forgiveness melt my hard heart like wax.

You are gracious and You delight in making things right.  What can I do to thank You?  How can I show my gratitude to You for replacing my fear and depression with rest; my anxiety with Your peace?  I will tell everyone I meet about what You’ve done for me — for all of us!  I will sing Your praises as long as I live.  I will teach my children to follow Your commands and obey Your word.

Good King, I bow before You as Your humble servant.  Use me as You will.  I am ready to serve You with my life.  Thank You Holy King of Heaven!  Thank You for Your love and faithfulness!


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