Psalm 122

When they said, “Let’s go be with our family — the family of God!” my heart leapt for joy!
And now here we are, spending time, living life, worshiping our God together!  Time with God’s family is so sweet!  There are few things so satisfying as knowing and being known by my fellow citizens of heaven.

That’s not to say that things always go smoothly and we never have conflict.  Until we get to heaven, that’s pretty much unavoidable.  But we have a common understanding of the grace that was given to us by our Father; we all know the sacrifice that Jesus made so we could live in right relationship with Him and with each other.  So let’s show each other the same grace; let’s sacrifice our own comfort for the benefit of the body.  Then us insiders will get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like.  Outsiders will want to be a part of what God is doing in and through us.

I’ll say it again for the sake of those already a part of God’s family and those yet to be adopted:  Live in peace!  Take care of each other!  As for me, for the sake of Your glory God, not my own, I will serve You and Your people with my life.


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