Psalm 127

If God isn’t behind your plans, they never will succeed, never will satisfy.
If God doesn’t direct your steps, your path will lead to nowhere.
There’s no sense ogling big new homes when God has asked you to remain in your neighborhood; no sense in applying to fancy schools when you know God is asking you to teach your own children.

Remain in His will!  It is there that you will find peace, joy, and contentment, though not necessarily an easy time of things.  And, speaking of children, don’t take for granted the joy that they bring you.  Don’t forget what a gift they are to you.  They are a gift from God and you have been charged with shepherding them towards His Kingdom.  So enjoy the journey!  Don’t pawn them off on someone else every chance you get.  They are our glimpse into the depth of God’s love for us in spite of our childish egomania and stupidity.  Your children are jewels in your crown.


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