Psalm 138

Thank You      Thank You      Thank You!!!
I prayed and You answered my prayer!

I say, “Thank You!” and the angels shout, “Uh-huh!”
I say, “Bless Him!” and the angels shout, “Holy!”
Everyone is in agreement that God is worthy to be praised!

Who else can change a person’s heart?!  No one!  Only God!
Who else will gently convict us of our sin while promising relief from our heavy loads in exchange for repentance?  No one!  Only God!

He is the answer!  He can heal our broken hearts, broken identities, and broken marriages!  Find what you are looking for in God.  Even though He is so infinite, He knows us intimately.  He knows what we need before we even know it ourselves.
So let Him fill you.  Find yourself in Him.

I’ll give Him all the thanks; give Him all I’ve got!
“Finish what You started in me, God!”


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