Psalm 139

Come with me to examine my heart, gracious Father.
Were I to do it alone I would either be too easy on myself, making excuses and shifting blame, or too hard, condemning myself as unforgivable.  But if You come along we can address my sins together.  For You alone truly know me Father.  You know me better than I know myself.  Before I even say a word, You know what I am thinking.  You know the secrets of my heart — even the things I won’t admit to myself.  And yet You love me and readily extend forgiveness.  You know when I’m trying my best and when I’m feeling apathetic and lazy.  You know when I exercise self-control and when I don’t.  You know when I rely on You for strength and when I try to go it alone.  You know everything about me!  And yet You love me and readily extend forgiveness.

How can You love me so much?!  Why would You even care about someone as insignificant and sinful as me?!  Because You have been invested in me since conception.  You guided the cells and molecules and DNA that shaped who I am in my mother’s womb.  You know the how and why of every bit of me because You have been lovingly shaping me since before I was born.  I’m no joke!  I was hand-crafted by You, the Artist who made the Universe, and You’re still shaping me, changing my heart, cultivating me into a fruitful daughter in Your Kingdom.

I don’t understand why or how You could love me so much, but God, I comprehend so few of Your thoughts!  Your perfect ways are so much higher than my ways that are sullied with selfishness and pride.  Your thoughts and plans are so beautiful and pure I will never understand them until I meet You face to face.  And let that be soon Lord!  Let that be soon!  I can’t wait to be with You in perfection and to know You, truly know You without the veil of my sin.

Come with me to examine my heart, gracious Father, so that it can be a dwelling place for You.



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