Psalm 142

Reading Psalm 142 reminded me of a time I did something really stupid in high school, so here is my “Psalm for the Stupid.”

What am I doing here Father?!  I’ve thrown all caution and wisdom to the wind and in one foolish decision put my entire future at risk.  Your merciful protection, Your wisdom in response to my stupidity, are the only reasons that I am not dead or worse right now.  Thank You for Your protection.  My guilt and shame as I cry out to You for help is all the discipline I need to help me to remember to never put myself in this position again.  I’m surrounded on all sides by people who are flagrantly disobeying Your commands.  They couldn’t care less about how Your laws are meant to keep us in close communion with You.  Their own pleasure is their only aim.

I need You to get me out of here, patient Father!  Get me out alive and I will serve You with my life!


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