Psalm 143

Hear my prayer omniscient Father!  I’m desperate for Your wisdom!
Show  me the path and in Your mercy gently guide me along the way.

Not because I’ve done anything to earn Your favor – to the contrary, if I were You, my thickheaded, selfish pride would have made me give up on me in frustration long ago.  But You have been so patient with me and my life is a testimony to Your unconditional love.

But my patience cannot hold a candle to Yours, God, and I need an answer now!  Don’t leave me hanging on this one — I need to proceed with confidence that this is what You would have me do.

“If You wake me each morning with the sound of Your loving voice, I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in You.”  My heart is ready to be obedient but I am reluctant to commit to this road until I am sure it is Your idea and not mine.  Teach me to discern Your voice from others so I won’t be led astray.  May Your Spirit lead me down the road You have for me.  May my heart be grateful and content as I travel that road.


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