Psalm 144

Praise God, my constant companion who can always be counted on.
He is my encouragement when I’m just not feelin’ it and my strength when I’m tired.  He’s the reason I get up in the morning and the One I talk to as I fall asleep at night.  He motivates me to love, play with, teach, and discipline my children.  He teaches me about intimacy and urges me to share it with my husband.  He is above and beneath me and hems me in on every side.

How can my heart grow tired of being with You?  How is my mind so easily distracted?  Keep me Father!  Keep me and my family in Your service.  May my son be a persistent leader; may he follow hard after You.  May my daughter be a beautiful servant, drawing people to Your Kingdom by her love for people and her God.  May our work and our play bring You glory and may they be a testament to Your good work in our lives.


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