Psalm 145

Praise Praise and more Praise!
May my lips never stop singing Your praise!

God is so great that an eternity of praise is not enough!  His astonishing greatness goes on and on and on forever.

He is limitless!  There has never been a time on Earth when people didn’t sing Your praises.  From the dawn of time Your people have stood in awe of Your majestic wonder.  You move this stammering child to write poetry.  I could fill a tome with my thoughts on Your greatness.

People all over the world are amazed by Your grace and are talking of Your love that has changed them.  They say, “Our God is full of mercy!  He loves us with a patient, patient love.”  His love is for everyone!  He wants all His creation to know Him and love Him.  Everything on Earth — people, plants, animals, even rocks and sea — bring Him glory just by being what He has made them.  He rules over us with a fair hand.  What a good king we serve!  Our God is eternal and we will serve and praise Him for eternity.

God doesn’t lie and He doesn’t make empty promises.  He is true to His Word and His Word is gracious.  He lifts up those who are down and energizes those who can’t go another step.

When people rely on God, He doesn’t let them down.  He looks after even the smallest details.  He spoils us with His extravagant blessing!  We don’t deserve His good gifts.

Everything He does is good, right, and perfect.  His faithful love never makes mistakes.  He is known for His extravagant love.

Our God knows and does what is best for His children.  He hears them and loves them and saves them.  He never turns His back on His children.  Only once has He turned His back on His Son and it was the greatest act of love the world has ever seen.

I can’t stop singing about what He has done!  Let every creature and person on Earth join me in my song!  Let’s praise the Holy God from now to eternity!


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