Psalm 147

“Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what He knows and does.”
Have you ever seen a picture of the universe?  The tiny speck that is our galaxy among a sea of thousands of other galaxies?!  The Lord created each and every star and planet in our vast universe and knows them all by name.  How much better does He know and love the children He has created!  The Lord takes care of His people.  He sends rain to water our gardens and sun to brighten our hearts.

Just as new life is beginning to show outside at the end of a long winter, so He is stirring new life and growth in my heart.  Father, I pray that this season will be fruitful.  Tend to my heart and weed out the sin and selfishness that has limited my productivity.  May the words of my mouth be delicious fruit that give my neighbors a taste of You.  May the thoughts of my heart be as delicious to You as a well-ripe peach.  May Your abundance over-flow from our doors and draw the whole neighborhood into Your Kingdom.


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