Psalm 148

Let everything that lives and breathes praise the Lord!
Praise Him, my children!  Form a band with your friends to praise His name.
Praise Him, Red Sea!  Join your voices and hands together and praise Him in word and deed.
Praise Him, all you angels in Heaven.
Praise Him, all you saints in every corner of the world.
Praise Him because He deserves our praise!  He has filled our hearts to overflowing.

Praise the God who made you, all you creatures of the earth and sea,
All you birds of the sky.
Praise Him gila monsters!  Praise Him butterflies!
Praise Him antelopes!  Praise Him hippopotami!

Praise Him when the sun is shining
And you, our closest star, praise Him too.
Praise Him for each drop of rain.
Don’t be left out, little raindrops, praise Him with your falling.

Praise Him hurricane, praise Him volcano – you reveal His mighty power.
Praise Him you vast depths of the ocean – if we can’t explore your deepest depths, how can we fathom the even deeper reaches of God’s wisdom and love?!

Everything on earth, every person, has been intentionally created by our loving God.  We are a monument to His greatness.  We have been created to give God glory.
So let’s do our job and praise Him!!


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