Psalm 1

Use your common sense – the common grace God has given to everyone – and things will go well with you.  When you don’t hang out with the wrong crowd, don’t meddle in risky business, and don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought, you’ll find there are a lot fewer opportunities to get in trouble.

And when you use your common sense (don’t forget it comes from God!) He blesses you with uncommon sense.  When you are faithful with little, He blesses you with much.  Soon you find yourself ravenously hungry for more God-sense.  You love to read God’s Word; love to let it roll around in your mouth and thoughts, savoring its flavor, catching new nuances every day.

And when you find yourself spending so much time in the presence of God, being tended by the Master Gardener, you’ll find that you can’t just read and think about His Words, you must do them.
And then fruit!
Fruit comes out of your life in bumper crops!  Year after year God uses you to feed His people!

But if you choose to do your own thing, choose to stray from the garden like a wild oat, choose to delight in yourself rather than in God…well, good luck with that.  Walking a road away from God will not go well for you.


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