Psalm 2

It’s ridiculous how many people think they are god of their own lives, master of their own destiny.  What a joke!  You can’t even control the hairs falling out of your own head, let alone your eternal destination!

People scoff and say they don’t need God.  They say He’s a crutch for those who aren’t strong enough to go it alone.  They are fooling themselves!  What is a piece of art without the artist?!
If it wasn’t so devastatingly tragic, God would think it was hilarious.

He is slow to anger, but when these people arrogantly reject Him time after time, ignoring the myriad ways He’s revealed Himself to them, His rage begins to boil.  He has already established an authority over Heaven and Earth and it is not you.  It is His Son; His obedient-to-the-death, humble warrior, sinless Son.  Jesus Christ, the One who has defeated death has been given authority over everything, including your eternal soul.  So I advise that you stop laughing in His face.  Only a fool would spit in the eye of his judge.

You can spend eternity laughing and dancing in paradise or separated completely from light, love, truth, and beauty.  Don’t be an idiot.  “Make a run for God” before it’s too late.


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