Psalm 10

I can’t think of one thing to complain about.
My life is not perfect, but my needs are all met and I’m feeling safe and confident in God’s arms.

No, I can’t complain about how tiny my house is or how many tantrums my kids threw today or even how much You are asking me to surrender to You.  I can see Your blessing in every one of those things.

But I can’t see Your blessing in the women and children who have been sold as sex slaves.  I can’t see Your blessing in the fact that millions of people die for lack of clean water or inexpensive medications.  I can’t see Your blessing in abuse, injustice, or people treating others as if they weren’t people.  Why have You turned Your back on all of this Father?!  How long will You ignore it?  Where is their blessing?  Where is their provision?!

I am their blessing.  I have been given plenty so that I can provide for others.  I, and the body of Christ, which is the church.  Why have we turned our backs on these people?  Why have we prioritized our comfort over their survival?  How long will we ignore it?  How long will we claim that it is not ours to own?

Father forgive us!  We know exactly what we are doing.


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