Psalm 11

God has never failed us yet, why would we turn to anyone but Him in times of trouble?
Do you think He would abandon us because of our sin?  When have we ever been “good enough”?  When have we ever been without sin?

It is not our morality that earns God’s favor.  Our self-righteousness gets us no where with Him.  He is not fooled by a tidy exterior that hides shit-loads of pride and a stubborn heart that will not admit its need for a Savior.

The God of Heaven examines us all – He examines our heart and our motives for they speak far louder than our actions or our words.

Praise the God who has mercy on the one who admits his need for mercy!  Praise the One who lifts up the humble sinner who is willing to throw herself at the feet of her Gracious Judge.  He served the sentence of our sin Himself.  No one can be counted righteous except through Jesus our Savior.  Praise the One who would die in our place!  Because of His mercy we can bring our requests before the King of Heaven.


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