Psalm 18

“I love You God – You make me strong.”
God is my firm foundation, the walls that hold me up, and the roof that protects me.  His Spirit is as vital to me as air.

When I nestle down to spend some quiet time with You, Intimate Father, I can’t help but marvel at how safe I feel, how cared for.  I’m moved to tears because You love me immensely and You saved me in spite of my stubborn sin nature.

Thank You Father for Your patience with Your children!  You have so much power and we are nothing compared to You and yet so often we elevate ourselves above You.  We deign to claim we don’t need You!  It’s not true!  You could extinguish my life like a candle.  But You are gracious!  So very gracious!

Even my suffering is a gift from You.  I can think of no curse worse than going through life completely satisfied by the world and never realizing my need for a Savior.  My suffering has brought me to that place; heartache has always driven me closer to You.

And You are so gentle with me when I come to You broken! Your caresses and tender words bring life back to my dead heart.  Not life the way it was, but new life, richer life, deeper relationship with You.

I’m singing Your song all day and night because You have brought me through the storm and I am that much closer to You.  Come again soon, King of Heaven and Earth!  I can’t wait to look full in Your wonderful face!  I want to see the love in Your eyes.


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