Psalm 150

God is good!
Praise Him at church!
Praise Him at home!
Praise Him in the nature He has made!

Praise Him with your youth
Praise Him with your age
Praise Him from the cradle to the grave!

Praise Him for who He is
Praise Him for what He’s done
Praise Him because He’s worthy of our praise!

Praise Him for the good
Praise Him for the pain
Praise Him for by grace you have been saved!

Let everything that breathes the air He’s given praise the Lord!



God is so good!  He’s so good to me!
Sing all the love songs you know to Him and then make up some new ones.  He’s that good!

Do you love to dance?  Dance for Him!  Do you love to garden?  Plant a bed in honor of your generous God.  Gather everyone in the ‘hood who loves Him in one place and let’s praise Him together.

He has dressed us poor schmoes in robes of righteousness.  I am a peasant bedecked in a queen’s wedding gown and jewels.  I have not earned my station, but come to it by grace alone.  And God’s grace doesn’t just save me in the life to come, He enriches my time on earth.  It is from God that I learn about depth of relationship and intimacy.  By understanding (only a fraction of) how much I have been forgiven by my loving Savior, my heart is filled with forgiveness towards others.

Who can enjoy life without the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that only come from the Spirit of God?  Yes, God is worthy of our worship!  His children are truly blessed!

Psalm 148

Let everything that lives and breathes praise the Lord!
Praise Him, my children!  Form a band with your friends to praise His name.
Praise Him, Red Sea!  Join your voices and hands together and praise Him in word and deed.
Praise Him, all you angels in Heaven.
Praise Him, all you saints in every corner of the world.
Praise Him because He deserves our praise!  He has filled our hearts to overflowing.

Praise the God who made you, all you creatures of the earth and sea,
All you birds of the sky.
Praise Him gila monsters!  Praise Him butterflies!
Praise Him antelopes!  Praise Him hippopotami!

Praise Him when the sun is shining
And you, our closest star, praise Him too.
Praise Him for each drop of rain.
Don’t be left out, little raindrops, praise Him with your falling.

Praise Him hurricane, praise Him volcano – you reveal His mighty power.
Praise Him you vast depths of the ocean – if we can’t explore your deepest depths, how can we fathom the even deeper reaches of God’s wisdom and love?!

Everything on earth, every person, has been intentionally created by our loving God.  We are a monument to His greatness.  We have been created to give God glory.
So let’s do our job and praise Him!!

Psalm 147

“Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what He knows and does.”
Have you ever seen a picture of the universe?  The tiny speck that is our galaxy among a sea of thousands of other galaxies?!  The Lord created each and every star and planet in our vast universe and knows them all by name.  How much better does He know and love the children He has created!  The Lord takes care of His people.  He sends rain to water our gardens and sun to brighten our hearts.

Just as new life is beginning to show outside at the end of a long winter, so He is stirring new life and growth in my heart.  Father, I pray that this season will be fruitful.  Tend to my heart and weed out the sin and selfishness that has limited my productivity.  May the words of my mouth be delicious fruit that give my neighbors a taste of You.  May the thoughts of my heart be as delicious to You as a well-ripe peach.  May Your abundance over-flow from our doors and draw the whole neighborhood into Your Kingdom.

Psalm 146

I rest assured in God’s eternal love, come rest with me.  
Don’t lay your life in the arms of someone who has only been around a few decades.  People can’t save your soul.  

I wouldn’t even trust in a god who has been around a few thousand years.  Everything that has a beginning has an end.  But our God, the King of Heaven, is eternal.  He always has been and He always will be.  He was for infinity before  the world was ever created.  He will be for infinity after its demise.  

He created the world and everything in it and then He saved it from death by sin through the death and resurrection of His Son.  

Praise this loving King!  Praise the Prince who cares for the paupers.  Praise the Master who died for the sake of His servants.   Praise the Lord of the Harvest who keeps His children well-fed.  Our God is eternal.  We will sing His praises for eternity!

Psalm 145

Praise Praise and more Praise!
May my lips never stop singing Your praise!

God is so great that an eternity of praise is not enough!  His astonishing greatness goes on and on and on forever.

He is limitless!  There has never been a time on Earth when people didn’t sing Your praises.  From the dawn of time Your people have stood in awe of Your majestic wonder.  You move this stammering child to write poetry.  I could fill a tome with my thoughts on Your greatness.

People all over the world are amazed by Your grace and are talking of Your love that has changed them.  They say, “Our God is full of mercy!  He loves us with a patient, patient love.”  His love is for everyone!  He wants all His creation to know Him and love Him.  Everything on Earth — people, plants, animals, even rocks and sea — bring Him glory just by being what He has made them.  He rules over us with a fair hand.  What a good king we serve!  Our God is eternal and we will serve and praise Him for eternity.

God doesn’t lie and He doesn’t make empty promises.  He is true to His Word and His Word is gracious.  He lifts up those who are down and energizes those who can’t go another step.

When people rely on God, He doesn’t let them down.  He looks after even the smallest details.  He spoils us with His extravagant blessing!  We don’t deserve His good gifts.

Everything He does is good, right, and perfect.  His faithful love never makes mistakes.  He is known for His extravagant love.

Our God knows and does what is best for His children.  He hears them and loves them and saves them.  He never turns His back on His children.  Only once has He turned His back on His Son and it was the greatest act of love the world has ever seen.

I can’t stop singing about what He has done!  Let every creature and person on Earth join me in my song!  Let’s praise the Holy God from now to eternity!

Psalm 144

Praise God, my constant companion who can always be counted on.
He is my encouragement when I’m just not feelin’ it and my strength when I’m tired.  He’s the reason I get up in the morning and the One I talk to as I fall asleep at night.  He motivates me to love, play with, teach, and discipline my children.  He teaches me about intimacy and urges me to share it with my husband.  He is above and beneath me and hems me in on every side.

How can my heart grow tired of being with You?  How is my mind so easily distracted?  Keep me Father!  Keep me and my family in Your service.  May my son be a persistent leader; may he follow hard after You.  May my daughter be a beautiful servant, drawing people to Your Kingdom by her love for people and her God.  May our work and our play bring You glory and may they be a testament to Your good work in our lives.

Psalm 143

Hear my prayer omniscient Father!  I’m desperate for Your wisdom!
Show  me the path and in Your mercy gently guide me along the way.

Not because I’ve done anything to earn Your favor – to the contrary, if I were You, my thickheaded, selfish pride would have made me give up on me in frustration long ago.  But You have been so patient with me and my life is a testimony to Your unconditional love.

But my patience cannot hold a candle to Yours, God, and I need an answer now!  Don’t leave me hanging on this one — I need to proceed with confidence that this is what You would have me do.

“If You wake me each morning with the sound of Your loving voice, I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in You.”  My heart is ready to be obedient but I am reluctant to commit to this road until I am sure it is Your idea and not mine.  Teach me to discern Your voice from others so I won’t be led astray.  May Your Spirit lead me down the road You have for me.  May my heart be grateful and content as I travel that road.

Psalm 142

Reading Psalm 142 reminded me of a time I did something really stupid in high school, so here is my “Psalm for the Stupid.”

What am I doing here Father?!  I’ve thrown all caution and wisdom to the wind and in one foolish decision put my entire future at risk.  Your merciful protection, Your wisdom in response to my stupidity, are the only reasons that I am not dead or worse right now.  Thank You for Your protection.  My guilt and shame as I cry out to You for help is all the discipline I need to help me to remember to never put myself in this position again.  I’m surrounded on all sides by people who are flagrantly disobeying Your commands.  They couldn’t care less about how Your laws are meant to keep us in close communion with You.  Their own pleasure is their only aim.

I need You to get me out of here, patient Father!  Get me out alive and I will serve You with my life!

Psalm 141

It’s me again sweet Jesus, lover of my soul.
I’m here to meet and connect with You, to hear Your voice and bless You with my own.

Whisper Your words in my heart all day long.  Let Your strong embrace protect me from the lies Satan is trying to feed me.  May Your Spirit’s presence in me keep me from shooting off at the mouth, revealing my selfish, prideful heart.  I will expose my sinful heart to You, gentle Savior, and with the skill of a surgeon, You will remove the sin that prevents intimacy between us.  I trust You explicitly, Lord Jesus, to cover me with Your righteousness and wrap me in Your love.  I am Yours and You are mine.  Use me for Your glory.