One day, while meditating on Psalm 23, I realized that David was just writing what he knew about – shepherding – and describing God as the perfect shepherd.  I don’t know anything about shepherding, but I am a parent and so I wrote my own version of Psalm 23 describing God as the perfect parent.  It was a surprisingly fruitful experience; I enjoyed the creative process and it was good for me to praise Him with my own words rather than someone else’s.  I enjoyed it so much, the next day I rewrote the next Psalm, and then the next.  Sometimes I would try to stick to the general gist of the Psalm and just say it in my own words and sometimes one phrase would catch my attention and would lead me into my own thoughts and prayers to God. The practice of writing a daily praise “song” to God (these songs don’t have tunes) has changed the way I praise Him, the way I think about things, and the way I relate to God.  My love for my Creator is so much more intimate because of this project.

I have wrestled and prayed for a long time about posting these psalms on a blog.  Why would I want to share my intimate prayers to my Father with the world?  I wrote these psalms for my Father’s glory, not my own.  But I gained so much from this experience, and I want to inspire others to take their own journey of praise.  After all, David shared his prayers and it has led to the edification of the church and inspired praise to God for millennia.  After much encouragement from my husband, I decided to post my psalms.  My prayer is that they would inspire  people to love their Creator more.  If this blog leads you to read the Psalms yourself, or to pray and sing to the God of the Bible in a new way, I would love to hear about it in a comment below.

Even though it seems a little strange, I decided to take you on the same journey I went on and start with Psalm 23.  I’ll wrap back around to Psalm 1-22 after I post Psalm 150.  If you are at all familiar with The Message version of the Bible, you will probably be able to tell that that’s the version I was reading as I wrote these psalms.  Any time there are quotes, I am quoting from the Message version of that particular Psalm, unless otherwise noted.  I did this quite a bit in the beginning and less and less as I got more comfortable with the process.  Please know that my only desire is to bring glory to God, not myself.  The desire, creativity, and motivation to do this project all came from Him, so anything great that comes from me is only a reflection of His greatness.


2 thoughts on “Why

  1. Christy, I am so grateful you were led to share these. After reading just a few I am already edified, encouraged and inspired to follow in your example. Praise be to God!

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